Finding The Right School When Renting

Finding The Right School When Renting

Moving home comes with many difficult decisions, which can be exciting and scary at the same time. The list of things to consider when renting includes factors such as cost, location, amenities, public transport connections, and if you have kids, schools available nearby. Sometimes, picking a school can be more stressful and time-consuming than finding a home to rent because there’s a lot of pressure on parents to find a school where their kids have a chance to be happy and get the best education possible.

Make a wish list, but have several backup options. No matter where you are moving, you should make a school wish list in advance, based on criteria such as school rating, budget, curriculum, class size, educational focus, or personal factors such as special socialization needs and learning difficulties. As committed as you might be to a specific school, it’s important to keep your wish list as extensive as possible and include plenty of backup options.

If you’re moving to the same city or state, it’s easier to avoid surprises because you can meet with the school management personally, check if they have study places available, and make sure that the study conditions are as described. If you’re moving to another state, start the research process in advance because website descriptions might not always be accurate, and you don’t want to discover this just after finding a place to rent.

Synchronize home viewings with school decisions Some parents choose a new home first, then start looking for a school.

Others choose the school first, then start looking for rent.

Both of these options are flawed.

In the first scenario, you may find the perfect school for your child but then discover that rent prices in that area are prohibitively expensive.

The second option is also flawed because, in most states, public schools require proof of residency, and if you can’t provide it, schooling options will be severely limited.

The best course of action is somewhere in the middle. Ideally, you should synchronize home viewings with school meetings and choose both at around the same time, so that you’re not conditioned by either.

However, as a general rule, when you receive your free rental application, you should have a shortlist of two or three schools in the area.

Use online resources to find the best schools near your dream location. Choosing a new school for your children is much easier when you move in the same city because you may already know a few schools or have references from other parents. But when you move to another city, you’re starting from scratch. It’s impossible to meet with each and every school principal personally, so what you can do is use online resources that list the best schools in your dream location. These platforms usually have school ratings and compile parent feedback. After making a shortlist, you can contact the schools online and ask them a few questions about the criteria that matter to you. This way, when you do go there in person, you already know what to expect.

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